Hello Matt,

I'd like to extend my thanks to you for a great service you provided!

Your professionalism, flexibility and customer service was impeccable and I wish you continued success in your errand service business.

Thank you

Suzana, Toronto

Time Relief Inc. (Matt Grainger) offers a first-rate service. I shipped him an important, time-sensitive parcel from Vancouver, BC that needed to be personally delivered to Toronto, ON. From my initial contact with Matt, I felt that he was the right choice for this errand. He went out of his way to correct UPS when they made a shipping error, followed my delivery instructions to a tee & promptly followed up as soon as the delivery was made to give me added peace of mind. He is courteous, professional & very personable. If I ever have need for his services again, I will not hesitate to call. I will also be referring him to my friends and family in the Toronto area. I was so pleased with Time Relief Inc. that I wanted to offer this personal testimonial. Best wishes, Matt & thanks again, so very much! ~ A. Kendall

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“Time Relief and Matt Grainger are terrific! He helped me purchase a rare collectable guitar from a local seller, and got it safely packed and shipped to me in the U.S. His prices were more than fair, his service and dedication to getting the job done were outstanding and his communication was great! Thanks so much Matt. If you ever get to Louisville, the first round of good Kentucky bourbon is on me.!”


Louisville, Kentucky

WonderMom_ca @timerelief You just saved us $93.00 a month on our cell phone bills, that is crazy. We still have the same features. Thank you VERY much!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your help with my computer. With this customer service you are going to be very successful. Thanks Time Relief!